Subasa Tamil to Sinhalese Transliteration Chrome Addon

Subasa Language introduced transliteration addon for Google Chrome users. Shows transliterated Sinhalese text when select Tamil  text.

You can now download it from Google Chrome add-on(extension collection) Web store, most probably this Subasa addon is first Sri Lankan and Sinhalese add-on.

Download from Chorme Web Store:

Subasa Singlish to Sinhalese

Subasa Singlish to Sinhalese is Firefox add-on which provide conversion facility to convert Singlish based Sinhalese  text in to Unicode based Sinhalese text   . If you have issue when view Sinhalese based web articles with Singlish comments you can use this tool for convert those Singlish  text in to Sinhalese Unicode base text .


Download Singlish to Sinhalese

Subasa Font Converter

Subasa Font Converter is Firefox add-on which provide conversion facility to Unicode based Font. If you have issue when view Sinhalese based web articles and they need to install separate fonts for view, Subasa Font Conversion will help you to view with out installing non Unicode based font’s.

As example FM Abhya or Sadaru font based web site(including lankaenews) just need to do select one paragraph and click on “FM Abhya to Unocode” in your Firefox context menu.

try it:



Subasa Tamil Keyboard Gadget

We introduced our new Tamil Online Keyboard gadget for iGoogle. It’s very easy and user friendly. Also help you to improve your Tamil Keyboard awareness.

Try it:

Subasa Facebook Application

In first time, we have introduced Facebook application for update status in Sinhalese. It very easy to use and improve your awareness of stranded Sinhalese keyboard.

Other than Facebook status update you can use it for Sinhalese Google search.

Try it and let know your valuable comments about our application.

Application :

Subasa Sinhala Keyboard Gadget

We have newly introduce Subasa iGoogle  Gadget. Without having to switch your keyboard layout or install special software you can very easily use it and it improve your awareness of Sinhalese keyboard layout.

Add Subasa Sinhala Keyboard to iGoolge : Add to iGoogle

Subasa Tamil to Sinhalese Transliteration

Tamil to Sinhalese transliteration is one of the main option in Subasa services.

For last two years we had some difficulties to host transliteration service. Finally we hosted our transliteration service under domain.

Let us know your feedback about transliteration service.

Subasa Service FAQ

This is the subasa language FAQ. you can post here your question about subasa language service and find asnswer about problem regading subasa language service.

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